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We at the Equine Heritage Institute are dedicated to the history and culture of mankind. Our focus is on the vital importance the horse has had on our development. With over 6000 years of interaction, the horse and man are ineffably tied to one another. Your donation helps us to educate on, preserve and restore vital parts of our culture and history.



As a preservation society, our goal id to find and preserve rare and unique items that relate to equine heritage. This carriage was a full state aristocratic carriage that had been left to decay after being sold to a movie company. We purchased it in this condition with the intent of restoring it to its original beauty and impressive stature.


Armbruster fully restored

Here, the same carriage is fully restored to its original beauty and grandeur. Driven with full livery and harness, this carriage can now be enjoyed by the public and is fully available to educate our youth on the importance of the equine in our past.


horse and carriage education

We educate groups of all ages and abilities and our staff has highly trained carriage and horse experts to teach and in some cases offer special certifications in equine based skills.

Another way to donate to our cause is to buy one of our educational products. Clink on the product you are interested in and you will be brought to Amazon for your purchase. All proceeds of sales go directly to the Equine Heritage Institute.